Holiday House, Bungenäs

Singer and songwriter Titiyo together with photographer Viktor Flumé, created a place for recreation set in an old limestone quarry right on the Baltic Sea. Orbium was hired to set a dynamic and natural light in the house to match the outdoor light that varies greatly with the seasons. We created a custom made outrigger version of the Orbium Ignis with integrated drivers to be able to mount the light fixtures directly onto the concrete ceiling. Titiyo also chose the Orbium Oculus in custom colors in the combined kitchen, dining and livingroom. For the dressingroom and bathroom Orbium Column was fitted in custom lengths, installed to deliver a functional, yet smooth, light. All the lighting can be controlled via an app or remotely, making it possible to turn it on and off from anywhere in the world.

Photo: Viktor Flumé / Marcus Stork.