The Orbium Ignis is a minimalistic, re ector less spotlight providing a high degree of visual comfort. High integration in ceiling thanks to its discreet design. Equipped with the latest in LED technology, Ignis delivers top color rendering light. When dimmed the light turns warmer, just like a traditional incandescent light source, only with a signi cantly higher luminous ux. 


Material: Aluminum, acrylic
Colors: White and black, other color options available on request
Mounting: Recessed
Protection: IP 44
Light source: LED, natural toning
Light color: 2000-4000K
CRI: >92
L70: 50000h
Power consumption: 6W / 12 W
Luminous flux: 400 lumens / 800 lumens
Measurements: D 96 / H 77
Mounting depth (mm): 73 - 83