Orbium Oculus is a down light built on a body of solid aluminum, combining design and function in a solid structure. Natural toning LED that creates a warmer light when dimmed, and a high lumen output. Oculus comes in two choices of power and luminosity. Available in a variation of colors and nishes, with the possibility to use a top cone in contrasting colors or material, such as marble, wood or concrete. 


Material: Aluminum, poly carbonate
Colors: Multiple choices available
Mounting: Surface mounted or pendant
Protection: IP 20
Light source: LED, natural toning
Light color: 2000-3000K
CRI: >92
L70: 50000h
Power consumption: 6W / 12W / 30W
Luminous flux: 400 lumens / 700 lumens / 2000 lumens
Measurements: D95 / H135