Acus Horizontal

Acus Horizontal


Orbium Acus. The evolution of tubular lighting. Based on LED technology, the Orbium Acus seamlessly fades from crisp bright white to a warm glow. The new, practically unbreakable, optics distributes a both decorative and functional light. Thanks to the LED solution the Acus can be installed in a variety of ways, from a fixed placement to suspended from a high level.

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Material Colors Mounting Protection Light source Light color CRI

Power consumption Luminous ux Measurements

Aluminum, acrylic Multiple choices available Pendant
IP 21
1900 - 3000K
800 lumens
L785 / D25

Orbium Acus is a led based tubular lighting pendant. Featuring natural toning LED that creates a warmer light when dimmed, and a high lumen output. Due to the concealed lightsource and acrylic optics, the light distribution is smooth and even. Orbium Acus comes in two pendant options; horisontal and vertical. The aluminium endpieces are available in various nishes and colors.